The WORLD is too BIG to THINK small.  I have always pushed myself to live via the formula that for one to obtain, they must first pursue.  I grew up in Vancouver Canada, inspired significantly by 2 things:  (1) the altruism and entrepreneurial spirit of my dad and (2) the greatness and community initiatives I saw from local professional athletes and sports teams (Go Canucks).  Through the process of observation, education and participation, these mentors symbolically served as a personal standard for self-identification.

To know where I’m going, I first need to know where I’ve been.  My credentials include a business degree from the one and only Arizona State University, followed by a Masters in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco (Southern California Campus).  Before truly pursuing in my post secondary academic career, I first aspired for excellence as an athlete at the David Leadbetter IMG Golf Academy in Bradenton Florida.

Most recently prior to realty, I co-founded, funded and launched my own startup technology company Pledger: a customizable fundraising software and mobile application that utilized real time game performance statistics to trigger charitable donations from sports fan.  Pledger, at its core, was charitable fundraising, fan interactive engagement, branded content, and data capture all in one exciting live mobile experience.

Even with my diverse background and professional experience, I believe that my success as a Realtor will only be realized and sustainable if properly built on a foundation of purpose, transparency, and mission.  This is my WHY for building and launching Homes for Good.  My 100 Open Homes campaign in 2017 taught me that I could do more with the realty platform that I have.  I knew that I needed you to reach out and connect what I was doing in business with the good people and good charities in the community – and this is where I started.  Homes for Good is about establishing empathy and driving action for the greater good of others.  I’m not sure what the next 2, 5 or even 10 years will look like for Homes for Good, other than this:  I know I want to see change.  I know I want to see more connection, and I know more good needs to be done.  With inspiration from “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This is me taking a shot at that change.

Before anything else, I am an extremely proud family man and have been blessed to share my life with my beautiful wife Liz, and our kids Ella (3) and Bennett (1).