As I’ve shifted into my real estate career,

I’ve learned it’s a business centered around relationships. The home buying and selling process is intimate, emotional and competitive.  Having trust in your agent is crucial. While making this transition, I was not only tasked with building a new business—I faced the even grander challenge of answering the question: how could I be different?

A year ago, I launched a “100 open homes” challenge after thinking about the Wayne Gretzky quote,

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  

It was a way for me to get out there, learn the business and immerse myself in the market as a new agent. But, throughout that process it hit me that I could utilize these open houses, a daily function of my job, as a platform to do good in the local community.  

Open Houses Complete

I created Homes for Good AZ to connect these two aspects: real estate and philanthropy.  During the process, I coined the term “Change Agent” to describe how I utilize my real estate platform to connect with my clients and have an impact on our community.  I have the opportunity every day to engage with people about their goals, aspirations and dreams and help turn those into reality. Sharing these stories and passions with the community builds an incredibly engaging and supportive environment for real change to take place.

Through Homes for Good AZ, I work in partnership with one local non-profit each month and highlight them throughout my realty interactions. There is a purpose beyond profit. Being part of a community means more than just doing good business.  I’m striving to bridge the gap between great aspirations and success stories in our community. Being a change agent gives me the opportunity to highlight our community and its many inspiring stories.  

When I set out to start Homes For Good AZ, I knew I wanted to give back, to share the good happening in the community and to create awareness for it.  But I was not prepared for how much this would become a part of every conversation I would have. It’s not just about the donations, but the shift I hope to create to motivate more people to get involved.

Too Big to Think Small Graphic

I’m invested in my business and my local community, but I see this model as a potential for a shift in the real estate industry as a whole.  Most businesses have a corporate responsibility department, team or initiative. But I wonder how invested they really are? Are they acting as ambassadors for the foundations they support, or simply writing a check?

My success as a realtor, I believe, stems from a firm foundation of purpose, transparency and mission.  Success means more than just another home sold or open house—it means hearing stories and creating real change for our community.  Each person has a story and something that touches their heart.  It’s my hope to not only shed light on those stories and bring our community closer together through my foundational business of real estate, but to inspire other real estate agents and businesses to do the same.

As business transactions of all kinds are relational,

why not take it a step further and support your partners, customers and patrons in their passions?  In a time when fear is paramount, it’s important to not only share the good being done but to do it ourselves and inspire others to take action.  Real estate hasn’t been thought of as a “platform” like politics, entertainment or sports, but it should be.  Home buying and selling will be a constant in our lives and is, in fact, a great platform to affect change if we use it correctly.