Follow Tim around Scottsdale’s Wingate Ranch and learn more not only about the neighborhood, but what’s in store for Homes for Good in 2019. In this episode, Tim touches on Giving Sole and how one 10 year old can change the world.


Tim:  I’m Tim McBride, I’m with Wexler real estate. I’m here in Wingate Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona. My family and I moved in here three years ago over 635 homes here providing semi custom options from just over 2,000 square feet to over 6,000 not only is there 10,000 square foot Clubhouse that caters to local events, we have the amenities in terms of pools, spas, barbecue areas, craft space for local sporting events. We have parks, we have basketball courts, tennis courts you name it. You know you not only find a great home in Wingate you’re also buying into a great lifestyle and a great community. Some of the best parts about this home is what you experience the minute you walk inside and that’s this great courtyard that sits right in the middle of the home. It provides the homeowner some great indoor/outdoor living which is what we want here in Arizona with over 209 days of Sun on the calendar year this is a great space that you’ll find you use on a daily basis. In addition to this you know we’ve done some amazing remodels in this home originally built in 2007 it now offers a lot of the amenities and look and feel that a lot of today’s buyers are looking for as we step into the family room you’ll see the open concept that it connects nicely to the kitchen. We’ve redone a lot of the experience in here, new marble countertops, we’ve filled the distressed wood, painted everything white, new appliances, new sink, you know the wine fridge for your whites and reds and then from here we carry out to the backyard which gives the owner an amazing experience from city views to mountain views depending on where you are.
So now that you’re outside one thing you’ll notice quickly is the privacy this lot provides our cul-de-sac lot so off to the east you have nothing but natural wash to the west we have the city view and just to the north we’re gonna have mountain views the McDowell mountains. Beautiful, beautiful views, something unique about this property which I really enjoy is this elevated custom Pebble tech pool. The rockwork is tastefully done and just
complements this yard so well just off to the right we have a great barbecue area so for entertainment purposes or for just for the family a great space that you’ll use on the regular. You know again with so much sun here this space gets heavily used you also notice that the master also feeds into this yard so
no matter where you are in this house remote for the most part you have access to this space and if you just want to kick back in the spa you know another great spot here to enjoy.
Kelly: So one of the things I love about Tim is he has a whole story about him that you probably don’t know yet, so tell us a little bit about this Homes for Good I am so excited about.
Tim: Thank you, well it is what inspires me in this business so I partner with local groups, you know I take my business model and I give a donation based off of the activity that I have determined to be a regular in my business model. That as an open house, and one I use the space in the audience that I have access to, but I have to pursue in my business and bring the community into. That conversation so bringing the nonprofit’s that make it their mission on a daily basis to help and then we can bring the for-profit businesses that are making it their initiative to be a little more socially conscious around
giving back. And they can come into the story and then together you know Phoenix gets lifted up more. Stories are supported more lives or potentially impacted and change for the good
Kelly: So we bring the American Dreams to everybody in our community.
Tim: What I learned was that you can only do so much in 30 days and my expectations would be met but I wanted to do more so we scaled back. We’re only doing for this year so one every quarter and Giving Soul’s our first and it’s just an amazing story of a local family, yeah local family, through their own experience with foster care, saw the system for what it was and though it didn’t work out for them the way they originally planned. They made it their initiative to support the foster community, their son who was inspired by an interaction he had with LeBron James and they actually go around and give brand-new athletic shoes that are new branded best of the best because that’s what these kids deserve. a little bag with a statement of “you are more than” and a bag which also represents something that they can, foster kids can carry their possessions in. Because of what they experience with the little girl that they tried to foster and adopt and a note from Gavin, who’s ten years old who speaks into these kids life just you know honoring them praising them giving them some sort of hope that they are seeing they’re recognizing, that they’re loved. So they’ve done 40 shoes to date they work with the local agency ABC asked foster care and they get a call and they’re say three kids their shoe size and they go out and buy it and deliver them directly to them. We’re helping them this quarter, our goal is to get them to a hundred shoes in their first full year we’re going to do that. It’s a lot of fun.
Kelly: Well thank you so much for what you do in this community. I hope to hear more about the other organizations you will be profiling this year.
Tim: Absolute oh thank you.