Check out the Downtown Phoenix scene with Tim McBride and Milam Buyers of Food for the Hungry for an extra special edition of The American Dream. See Striking Out Poverty’s big plans for this year and hear about what Nick Ahmed is doing to help conquer poverty in the Dominican Republic and the world.


Tim: Hi, I’m Tim McBride with American Dream TV founder Homes for Good and partner with Wexler Luxury Real Estate. We’re here
in downtown Phoenix at the headquarters of Food for the Hungry. I spoke with Milam Buyers, good friend, mentor and an all-around amazing human being, who’s the director of sports partnerships and oversees a program called Striking Out Poverty. We’d love for him to kind of share a little bit about this program and what they’re doing with professional athletes around the nation to support some amazing causes around the world.
Milan: Thanks, Tim.
Tim: My pleasure.
Milam: Thanks for for coming out. Striking Out Poverty is a campaign through Food for the Hungry with Major League Baseball players to raise awareness and to advocate for projects around the world in some of the poorest and hardest places that there are. So Food for the Hungry has been doing holistic community development and relief work since 1971 in over 20 countries and so Striking out Poverty is that way for baseball players and teams to use their influence and their platform to do good. It’s been awesome to see not only the countries that are connected to baseball like the Dominican Republic, which is where this whole idea started, but now we’re doing projects in Rwanda and Nicaragua, relief efforts in Bangladesh. So it’s is truly a global thing now.
Tim: I love it and last year when we learned about this program, it inspired us to partner with you obviously, so in April we put Homes for Good in partnership with Milam and (we want to) follow up on you to know the impact we were able to create in support of Nick Ahmed and his hitting campaign. You know local shortstop, Arizona Diamondback, just down the street and the work we’re able to do to support him. In just one month we raised a little over twelve-hundred dollars which I think supported fifty-eight people in the DR.
Milam: That’s right
Tim: Getting clean drinking water, so you know part of Home for Good is to keep it local and what I love is that your headquarters are here, right in our city, and you’re doing some great work with some amazing people like Nick. The support needs around the world, so we’re here to help again and we’re
excited to see what Nick’s gonna do in this coming season, so if you wouldn’t mind again sharing about what Nick plans for 2019.
Milam: Yeah, yeah so last year was was amazing because of Nick’s campaign, we provided clean drinking water and access to water in the community of Elma Gotuea,  that is in one of the poorest regions of the Dominican Republic and this year our goal is to stay in that same community, continue making an impact right there and we’re gonna build a community center so it’s a it’s a larger project. Our goal is just under fifty-thousand dollars for that project. Nick has again pledged his hits; him and his wife have put up a seventy-five thousand dollar match for every dollar donated and it’s awesome. He was a Gold Glove Award winner last year at shortstop, a huge accomplishment, the Diamondbacks play right down the street from our global headquarters here. So it’s an amazing partnership and we’re just excited to see that community continue to transform and graduate from extreme poverty.
Tim: So with that and knowing the success he had last year and the ambition he has for this coming season, the support of your resources in photography how can people get involved.
Milam: You can pledge to Nick’s campaign this year at pledge it dot org, search Nick on that or Striking out Poverty and you’ll be able to give a flat donation. Or pledge for every hit he gets this season.
Tim: I love it I love it. You know we did have a chance to sit down with Nick but unfortunately weather didn’t cooperate and you know him being in spring
training and now the seasons starting, you know we want to respect his time. So we love having you be a part of this conversation and you know speaking on his behalf and sharing the work you guys are doing together and how our city can get behind and help make that that goal of $50,000 and that can really become a reality for these people.
Milam: Yeah thank you.
Tim: So thank you.
Milam: Thanks for your partnership, it’s a pleasure.
Tim: Special thanks to Milam Buyers, director sports partnerships, Food for the Hungry, sharing the story of
Striking out Poverty, what Nick Ahmed, stud shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks are doing to support amazing programs around the world and
here locally. So if you’re ever in Phoenix check out a game, come support what Nick is doing using his platform and influence of sport to serve others, and if you’re interested in real estate, you can’t pick a better market place to be than in downtown Phoenix. It is one of the strongest urban cores in all of this country. Just last year alone we had over 8,000 apartments built; they’re projecting over 8500 by the end of 2019, and 85 percent of those are getting more in the luxury end. So you’re working with a lot of amenities it’s a very connected and established core that has a lot of opportunities. So if you’re looking for
the American Dream you can find it anywhere in Phoenix whether it’s in one of our amazing suburbs or right here downtown Phoenix.