Ever since Jude was born, his older brother, Luke, had been regressing and acting out. Mealtimes were challenging, he wasn’t progressing with potty training, and he constantly fought with his baby brother. Daily activities like grocery shopping and visiting family were becoming increasingly difficult for his parents. After 18 months of struggling, Abby, Jude and Luke’s mom, was at her wit’s end.

That’s when she saw a little magnet for the Southwest Human Development Birth to Five Helpline™, which had been on her fridge since she was pregnant with Luke. Relieved by the idea of having someone to turn to for support, Abby called the Helpline and spoke with a specialist about the parenting challenges she was experiencing. 

After learning more about their family to get a big-picture understanding of their daily life, the specialist brainstormed with Abby how Luke could gain more control and feel like the big brother. After making a few small, yet effective changes to Luke’s routine, his outbursts began to subside, he started showing affection to Jude, and mealtimes became not only bearable, but enjoyable again. 

Collaborating with the specialist helped Abby better understand Luke’s strengths and weaknesses, support his growth, and transform their daily lives from stressful to successful. 

That’s the power of the Birth to Five Helpline and the reason we’re proud to support Southwest Human Development as the Homes for Good Non-Profit of the Quarter for January – March 2020. 

Not Just a Helpline  a Lifeline

Introduced in 2005 by Southwest Human Development, the Birth to Five Helpline is a free service open to all Arizona families with young children and professionals looking for the latest child development information. The Helpline combines sensitive, supportive listening with sound information from experts in early childhood development and parenting/caregiving.

Callers can get support for several topics, including but not limited to:

  • Sleep
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Safety
  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Feeding and Eating
  • General Child Development
  • Potty Training
  • Fussiness/Colic (Special support available for this through the Fussy Baby Program)
  • Parenting

Callers can also access support as needed from Southwest Human Development’s wide range of early childhood development staff, including psychologists, master’s level counselors, registered nurses, disabilities specialists, early literacy specialists and occupational, speech/language, and physical therapists. In addition to providing counseling and resource/referral information, they can also receive individualized child development information.

How You Can Support Parents and Professionals Struggling with Young Children

Anyone who has parented or been around young children can relate to the exhaustion, frustration, and helpless feeling often caused by the unique challenges that come with this stage of life. 

With three kids under five, our founder, Tim McBride, knows them all too well. That’s why we’re excited to support fellow parents and child development professionals by raising money for the Birth the Five Helpline this quarter. 

With your involvement, we hope to raise $1,500 by the end of March, which will be matched by our generous Title Sponsor, Austin Bates and V.I.P. Mortgage. These donations will specifically go toward making sure there are qualified, caring experts to answer those crucial Helpline calls. 

Here are three ways you can help us support parents and their kids in finding help and happiness.



We’ll donate $5 per open house, plus $1 for every guest who enters the home (including agents and their clients).

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We’ll donate $1 for every person who joins the Homes for Good newsletter.

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Donate directly by visiting the Southwest Human Development website

(100% of donations go directly to SWHD. They are also a qualifying organization for the Arizona charitable tax credit.)


Let’s team up to raise money for the Birth to Five Helpline and help as many local parents and professionals as possible. Hope to see you at an upcoming open house!