Dad. Husband. Community Advocate. Change Agent.

My vision is to transforms the role of a realtor.

Today, most agents view their work as a series of transactions. I believe my role as an agent is to be of service — to build relationships that break down barriers and open doors for my clients, my community, and the next generation.


“Real estate can be just a transaction, or it can be lifelong relationships and community connection as a vehicle to change lives.”



BEING OF SERVICE was ingrained into me as a child. Growing up in Vancouver, I was inspired by the altruism of my parents, the entrepreneurial spirit of my father, the influence of sports for good, as well as the charitable initiatives I saw from local professional athletes and sports teams. My career has been dedicated to bringing these concepts together.


After receiving my business degree from the one and only Arizona State University & attending the David Leadbetter IMG Golf Academy in Bradenton, Florida, I went on to pursue a Masters in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco (Southern California Campus).

Prior to realty, I co-founded, raised capital and launched my own startup technology company Pledger: a customizable fundraising software that utilized real time game performance statistics to trigger charitable donations from sports fan.


Each job I’ve held has taught me something different. Professional sports showed me the value of bringing people together for a shared interest and mission

Working in the Sports Marketing Department of Red Bull North America taught me the power of brand, originality and unapologetically owning what makes you unique, and then leveraging that to create meaningful relationships and memorable marketing experiences.

Founding and operating my own company was a lesson in relationships, entrepreneurship and the business of charity.


Real estate is my business, which is driven by my deeper purpose: To honor the past, invest in the present, and pay it forward for the future.

While real estate is my business, service is my passion. That’s why I created Homes for Good, a program and platform that uses real estate to connect people with causes they can support.

Each quarter, Homes for Good (HFG) raises awareness and money for one local non-profit by sharing their story through everyday real estate activities, such as open houses, marketing, business development, networking, and more. In the first year alone, Homes for Good brought the community together to help 12 local non-profits raise over $12,000 and reach over 13,000 people. And we’re just getting started! My goal is HFG becomes a platform for other realtors across the country to become philanthropists and make a difference in their community.

Are there any charitable organizations in Arizona that are special to you? Or do you have questions about buying or selling a home? I’d love to connect with you, whether to serve as a resource for real estate or simply to help support the causes you care about.